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The proliferation of online news sources makes it difficult to keep up-to-date with the wide range of news about homeopathy around the world.  This page contains a selection of newsworthy articles intended to provide insight and information about homeopathy, based on the criteria of interest, accuracy, readability, and variety of topics and sources.  We welcome suggestions for inclusion on this page at

April 19, 2014:  The New Zealand Herald
Homeopaths fighting back against negative finding
The homeopathic and medical communities in New Zealand disagree with conclusions in the recent draft paper from Australia.

April 16, 2014:  Research Gate
Proof against Homeopathy does in fact support Homeopathy
New analysis of the meta-analysis published in Lancet, August 2005, reveals critical flaws in the original paper and reverses its conclusion.

December 26, 2013:  Indian Journal of Research in Homoeopathy
Homoeopathic management of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A randomised placebo-controlled pilot trial
Study on individualized treatment of ADHD children with homeopathic medicines in LM potencies reports significant changes in baseline questionnaires and academic improvement, with stable results maintained over subsequent 12 month period.

March 26, 2013:
Homeopath enhances healing with First Nation experience
Patients find improved quality of life with Victoria homeopath, Roland Guenther.

March 12, 2013:  In the Know
Homeopathy - The Gentle Way to Wellness, Part 1
Homeopathy - The Gentle Way to Wellness, Part 2
Newmarket homeopath, Monica Frohmann, discusses homeopathy on the In the Know programme with host Emily Anonuevo.

January 4, 2013:
Anti-homeopathy resolution slips in through the back door
The American Veterinary Medical Association will consider a resolution to discourage the use of homeopathy, based on one anonymous and mis-informed report. 

December 31, 2012:  Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis & European Committee for Homeopathy
Scientific Framework of Homeopathy; Evidence-based homeopathy 2012
This report considers the “important aspects of the scientific framework of homeopathic practice including ethical questions and evaluation of daily practice, looking at the level of scientific evidence of each of these aspects”.

December 6, 2012:  National Centre for Research Methods
Majority support for homeopathy in Britain?
Combining the views of users and non-users of homeopathy in 2008, a new report finds that more than half of UK adults appear to believe homeopathy is as effective or more effective than conventional medicine.

December 5, 2012:  YouTube
Homeopathy:  Mere placebo or great medicine?
André Saine of the Canadian Academy of Homeopathy and Joe Schwarcz of McGill face off to debate the 200-year old question of how can homeopathy work if it doesn’t make sense?

February 29, 2012:  Courthouse News Service
Class Claims Flowers Don't Cure Depression
A US federal class action suit for more than $5 million is filed against A. Nelsons & Co., alleging unfair competition, false advertising, and consumer law violations, following a claim that a Bach Flower remedy costing $3.99 failed to work as advertised.

February 12, 2012:  Sydney Morning Herald
Health watchdog cannot warn public about anti-jab group: court
Australia’s Supreme Court rules against healthcare agency’s public warning against Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), which campaigns against mass public immunization programs and promotes the use of homeopathy to prevent disease.

January 31, 2012:  Science Direct
Sample copy of Homeopathy
Free online access available to the January 2012 issue of the The Faculty of Homeopathy's journal.

January 12, 2012:  Mothering
20 Homeopathic remedies that every home should not be without
This helpful introduction includes brief, general indications for use of 20 of the most commonly-used homeopathic remedies at home.

January 11, 2012:  Pulse
Why we need a public consultation on complementary therapies
UK homeopathic doctor calls for government to include public consultation about NHS funding for homeopathy and other CAM therapies.

December 27, 2011:  Huffington Post
A personal case for classical homeopathy, Part II
The author uses metaphors and examples to continue her explanation of homeopathy.

December 21, 2011:  Huffington Post
A personal case for classical homeopathy, Part I
A homeopath shares her own initial experience with homeopathy to explain what classical homeopathy can do and why some people are so passionate about it.

December 1, 2011:  Springer Publishers
Homeopathy in Europe - Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs  
Report from the Swiss Health Technology Assessment (HTA) concludes that there is sufficient supporting evidence on the use of homeopathy in health care to warrant its continued inclusion in the list of services covered by statutory health insurance.  Complete English translation now accessible online.

November 27, 2011:  Telegraph (UK)
Little pill, big trouble
Journalist investigates both sides of the debate about homeopathy in an attempt to learn the truth of homeopathy.

November 16, 2011:  Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
Management of distress during climacteric years by homeopathic therapy
Study reports that individualized homeopathic therapy was found to be useful in relieving menopausal distressing symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, palpitation, depression, insomnia.

November 15, 2011:  Canadian Health Food Association
Seven out of ten support a new act 
New public opinion data overwhelmingly supports our call for a modernized Food and Drug Act that would remove natural health products (including homeopathy) as a subset of drugs.

September 24, 2011:  The Local
‘Doctors can recommend homeopathy’: court
Sweden's Supreme Administrative Court reverses Swedish Medical Association decision against homeopathy.

September 14, 2011:  Huffington Post
The disinformation campaign against homeopathy
Deniers of homeopathy utilize propagandist tools in their attempt to create disinformation and controversy about homeopathic medicine.

September 13, 2911:  Nourishing Gourmet
Homeopathy for smart, frugal and tenacious moms
Series on homeopathy begins for mothers who want to learn about this simple, inexpensive, non-suppressive medicine for treating their families.

September 2, 2011:  Dominion Post (NZ)
Top soldier and family settle in
New Zealand’s new Governor-General, Sir Jerry Mateparae, and his wife Janine, Lady Mateparae, share an interest in homeopathy.

August 10, 2011:  Health Insurance (UK)
Analysis: Cash plans - can complementary therapies really address employee absence?
Insurance companies recognize homeopathy and other alternative therapies have a very real impact on absence levels at work.

March 15, 2011:  Health Action
Celebrating Homeopathy
CSH Registered members, Diane Louie and Ram Saini, are interviewed about the upcoming Homeopathy Awareness Month campaign in April. 

March 6, 2011:  Chicago Tribune
Homeopathy prospers even as controversy rages
Homeopathy hasn't just survived the years of scathing criticism, it is prospering.

March 5, 2011:  The Expositor (Brantford, ON)
Rockefeller was big, and his doctor was Biggar
Brantford native son was a leading homeopath in the US during late 19th century.

February 27, 2011:  Huffington Post
The King's Homeopath
King George VI, subject of the 2011 Oscar-winning film, and his family have a long history of using homeopathy.

December 24, 2010:
French Nobelist Escapes ‘Intellectual Terror’ to Pursue Radical Ideas in China
Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier discusses future research with high dilutions, which he describes as “water structures which mimic the original molecules”.

December 13, 2010:  New Yorker
The Truth Wears Off
The reliability of the scientific method needs to be questioned in view of unsettling anomalies in replicating research, concluding with the observation that “Just because an idea is true doesn’t mean it can be proved. And just because an idea can be proved doesn’t mean it’s true. When the experiments are done, we still have to choose what to believe.”

November 1, 2010:  World Health Organization
Safety issues in the preparation of homeopathic medicines
WHO publishes report intended to provide technical guidance for member countries in formulating policies, regulations, and standards to ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of homeopathic medicines, as well as attempting to bring some consensus about terminology, to recommend safe degrees of dilutions of homeopathic preparations, and to promote the exchange of information.

October 1, 2010:  Homeopathy
Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials:  A nanoparticulate perspective
Ground-breaking study using state-of-the-art techniques demonstrates the presence of nanoparticles of the starting materials and their aggregates even at extremely high dilutions, thus challenging current scientific thinking about the role of dilution in homeopathic medicines.

September 9, 2010:  Interhomeopathy
Tribute to David Warkentin
The world homeopathic community mourns the passing of David Warkentin, visionary leader in homeopathy and creator of MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.

August 3, 2010:  Homeopathy (UK)
Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control
The journal Homeopathy publishes a report of the largest study of homeopathy ever undertaken, based on data from over 11 million people (the entire population of Cuba), providing fascinating evidence that a highly dilute substance, prepared according to homeopathic principles, may contribute to the prevention of Leptospirosis.

July 6, 2010:  Natural Products (UK)
BMA vote to ban homeopathy "ignores patient wishes" 
British Medical Association conference votes overwhelming in favour of motions against homeopathy.


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